Residential Electricians

Experiencing a technical emergency crisis?

Delta Max Engineering's extensive experience in emergency stabilisation ensures that your problem is solved in no time.

Delta Max Engineering is available 24/7 everyday of the year

Our expert technicians will provide you with prompt, accurate and dependable system rectification that is second to none.

Commercial Electricians

Main Switchboards
General Power Outlets
Emergency Lighting   Systems Distribution Switchboards
Control Switchboards
Industrial Controls & PLC Systems
Lighting Control Systems
Air conditioning Systems
Preventative Maintenance

Industrial Electricians

Just like our roads, data cabling can experience severe congestion during peak times – resulting in slower transfer performance and a higher possibility for system crashes.
That's why it is so important to ensure that your data cabling system is  prospective of your
    system's peak performance times.

Level 2 Service Provider

    Our Service Department prides on quality service to commercial businesses includes Main switchboard installation and upgrades RCD Maintenance
Level 2 Service Provider lighting maintenance and installation
A full register for Equipment testing tags energy saving solutions for lighting

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